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20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

San Francisco, CA: Mayor Gavin Newsom and actor Jason Lewis presented a Local Hero Award to San Francisco filmmakers Geoff Callan and Mike Shaw for their film Pursuit of Equality.




Reviews of Pursuit of Equality

"Pursuit of Equality presents a delicate balance of light humor and
tear-jerking poignancy….really powerful.”
- The Advocate

"...required viewing for all Americans."
– Trenton Straube, NY BLADE

"...it captures and holds for posterity the vertiginous emotional journey of all involved."
– John Culhane , www.worldinedgewise.org

“There was not a story in the film that did not move, educate or even make you cry. What a powerful moment to capture on film and the crew on this documentary indeed did capture it. This is a film of heart and love and commitment..”
- David Mixner, DavidMixner.com

“A must-see documentary for anyone interested in marriage equalityand the
larger issue of civil rights in America today.”
- Karen Ocamb, IN Los Angeles

“What is perhaps most remarkable about the film – and will doubtlessly titillate local
political junkies – is the access the filmmakers had to the mayor during the height
of the same sex marriage frenzy and in the fraught months that followed.”
- Rona Marech, San Francisco Chronicle


“…a moving document that put a human face on committed gay and lesbiancouples who
sought – and are still seeking – equal treatment under the laws of
the state and nation.”
-Kinsey Lowe, LA TIMES


“At turns romantic and sobering, Pursuit of Equality makes the
eyes tear up and the blood boil.”
- Critic's Pick, SF Station

“A must-see even for its subject matter alone, Pursuit exposes the  absurdity of
discrimination with its intensely personal, moment-by-moment coverage.”
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Straight San Francisco didn't realize there was a revolution going on
until we saw people lined up in the rain around City Hall.”
- Chris Nolan, Politics Left to Right

“...this inspiringremarkable film chronicles every step of the way as Newsom decides
he will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, sparking a firestorm of protest as well as a massive show of support from a divided public, in a story that is far from over. The film
serves not only as an important civil rights document, but functions as a call to arms for
anyone with even the slightest sense of fairness to speak out against the wave of
anti-gay discrimination that seems to be sweeping the country.”
Jonny Leahan, indieWIRE.com

“Near-limitless access to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's office –makes “Pursuit of Equality” a valuable behind-the-scenes chronicle of what may become a seminal U.S. historical moment.”– Dennis Harvey, VARIETY.com

“… thoroughly engaging!”
– Palm Springs INT'L Film Festival

“Pursuit of Equality is not only deeply moving, inspiring, and fascinating,
but it is a great film and a stirring call to arms!”
– Richard Watts

“See the drama, excitement and history, as it is unfolded at the seat of power in this stunning
documentary.” – Liam Mayclem, CBS5, Host of Eye on the Bay

“The producers of Pursuit of Equality capture the heartof the marriage equality movement.” --Sacramento Chapter of Marriage Equality USA




Mark Leno and Gavin Newsom on Marriage Equality

At the February 13, 2008 premiere of "Pursuit of Equality", San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Assemblyman Mark Leno discuss the imperative of marriage equality.



Geoff Callan & Matt Kennedy Discuss Pursuit of Equality, on:

John Selig's Outspoken Site


AT&T and PG&E Sponsored our February 13, 2008 San Francisco Premiere, below are some photos from the event. If you were there, then there is probalby a picture of you!




News About Pursuit of Equality

DVD: Documentary "Pursuit of Equality" A Must See!

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AT&T and PG&E Sponsored our 2008 SF Premiere
Pursuit of Equality Screening a Huge Success

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